ManagersPro construction page.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your continued interest in Managers Pro. We're pleased to announced that has been acquired by JCM Holdings Inc, a privately held investment company which owns a collection of businesses serving various sectors of the music industry.

The JCM Holdings Group of Companies, sees great potential in Managers Pro, and under their chairman J.C McDonald's new leadership and guidance vows to make a global leader in its field.

What's happened to my ManagersPro account?

JCM Holdings Inc, is in the process of creating a better platform for artists and managers to connect more effortlessly. Giving artists the opportunity to find a credible manager within days. The website's domain name will remain the same

Is my profile safe and what's happened to my page?

Yes. All your data from is safe and will be available on the all new, completely redesigned, We are working hard to activate your login as soon as possible. Because of the new changes and designs you might need to update your new profile.

When can I log into my account?

You'll receive an email from JCM Holdings Inc. as soon as the new has been activated.

Notify me when the completely redesigned is ready.

  • New leadership
  • New Management
  • Better Service.